Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Matter:Mass and Weight


Dear Readers, 
I have been working on the Matter which would be Matter: Mass and weight
They also have questions for us so we can tell you about and what we have learned about the Matter: Mass and Weight. The essentials questions are What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common? What is weight and how does weight differ from mass? How are Wight and mass measured? Does changing the location of an object change mass and weight? How does changing the mass of an object compare to the mass of it's parts? What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common? Well all of the matter have mass and all types of matter take up space(Volume. And also mass is a matter of substance. We have mass because were made of cells, organs, skin, and other tissues. Also all of them are made up of matter. Two properties that solid has is that solids don't change shape easily, solids don't move around. Two properties for liquids are that they can move around, and liquids take the shape of their container. Last, two properties for gases are that gas is invisible, and gas particles moves around freely. What is weight and how does weight differ from mass? Well mass is a scientific measure of the amount of matter an object is made up of.  And weight is a form of measurement that dependent on gravity. How are weight and mass measured? Mass is measured with a balance and Weight us measured with spring scale and I learned this from Also, a spring scale is a spring scale is a scale which measures weight by determining the deflection of a spring How does changing the mass of an object compare to the mass of it's parts? The mass of an object is always the same as the total mass of its parts it says on


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Monday, 14 April 2014

Respiratory system

Dear Readers,
   I have been working on the Respiratory system  and it has three questions and what are very important in the Respiratory System. The questions are How does the Respiratory system help the body? How does air travel through the Respiratory system? What functions do the lungs have? The first one is How does the Respiratory system help the body? Well the job of the Respiratory system is to oxygen air into your body and that helps us to stay alive. It can also help the body because it delivers oxygen from air to cells in your body and I mean that is really important job. It's also so that the cells can carry out the processes needed to live. Second one is How does air travel through the Respiratory system? The air travels of course through the respiratory system it moves passage to your lungs or our lungs. Also, the diaphragm helps pull air into the lungs/ our lungs. Also, if you did not know this that the muscles also can help you breathe.The third question is How do the lungs help you and what are there functions? Usually you are playing with your friend  or doing whatever your doing. But thanks to the respiratory system that we breathe every day and it's also because of the lungs our lungs expand and contract to help us stay alive ever day. Also, the oxygen to your body and removing from it, a waste product called Carbon dioxide. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Too little or too much?

Dear Readers,
   I have recently just had read this article called Too little or too much? The article has three main points which are parents complaining about to much homework, more and more homework, we have lot's of homework and sometimes less.
First main point, is that parents are complaining about how much homework we get so what should we do about it? Well one is that there's too much homework, and more than ever. "The load of homework has been very stable over the last 20 to 30 years". But what I think is that parents are complaining because they have to stay up late. Also, that means they don't get that much sleep. On the other hand, I think it is kinda mostly is that they don't get to spend time with them the parents. 
Second main point, that kids are just having more and more homework for them to work on at home and we need to do something about it. A student does homework from about 5p.m to 11:30p.m on the school nights. The phone is off, her computer is off except for research, and she even does homework while dinner. I also think that no kids would want to do homework from 5p.m to 11:30p.m , unless if they like homework. The kids that do that must also be very very tired. The homework somewhat is talking time away to have a little fun and hang out with friends instead of just be trap in the house.
Third main point, is that we have lots of homework and sometimes less homework which is better.Students were asked to list how much time they had spent per week on various activities. Nearly two thirds said they spent six or more hours a week socializing with friends than homework. But 38.4 percent spent the same amount of time on studying or homework during their last year of high school. But sometimes people can ask is lot's of homework good or not? In my opinion I think too much homework is bad. One reason why is because some kids do homework during dinner and never get time to rest.   

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Al capone does my shirts

   Dear readers,
       I have recently finished a book called "Al Capone Does My shirts"  . It takes about Moose Flanagan and his family moving to Alcatraz Mosses dad has taken a job to be a prison guard and a electrician  so Natalie  can go to a special school  Esther P. Marin off. Every year Natalie is going to be ten years old Natalie has a type of medical issues.
     Moose  sister, Nat,  is rejected from the Esther P. Marinoff School, crushing her parents hopes for Natalie's education. Moose has meet some new friends who go to his new school there is this one girl piper, she is the daughter of the warden.  Piper brings Moose, into her scheme to make money by collecting laundry from their classmates with the promise that is among the convicts assigned to laundry duty on Alcatraz.
        In the middle  Almost two months have passed. Moose has got  in on Alcatraz, homesickness.  One afternoon, Piper tells everyone that Al Capone's mother is coming to Alcatraz, and she wants them all to be with her on the boat the day she comes. Annie, Piper, Jimmy, and Moose all on  board the boat together the morning of Mrs. Capone's visit. After the boat begins its journey, they discover that Theresa has sunk  aboard with her baby brother Rocky, but Rocky is not happy. After Mrs. Capone boards the boat she ignores Piper's  to talk to her, but she takes control of Rocky and sings him to sleep. Moose finds Natalie, talking with a convict whose number is 105.
   In the end The day before Natalie's interview at the Esther P. Marin off School, Moose is instructed to keep her especially calm. That day also happens to be Natalie's birthday. Piper comes by and says something to Natalie that causes her to want to see convict 105. Moose  allows her to go and is  by how normal the meeting seems. Moose's mother invites Piper to stay for Natalie's birthday party. Moose's father teases him . As the party begins  Natalie asks for Theresa. The party gets bigger  to include Jimmy and Annie as well. Moose is embarrassed when his friends notice the ten his mother has put on Natalie's cake. When Moose walks Piper home  he finds himself telling her that Natalie has really just turned sixteen  not ten.

Cam jansen and mystey flight 54

Dear readers,
 I have recently just finished this book called "Cam Jansen and the mystery flight 54."
  Cam and her family are picking up her Aunt Mary from the airport after her trip to France. At the same time they are having a surprise party. Of course everything does not go as planned. Aunt Mary can't find her bag, the surprise party is about to be ruined, and a little girl from the flight is missing. Aunt Mary knows that she was on the plane, but the little girl can not be found anywhere. Cam uses her detective skills to figure out where the missing girl has gone. A hint  your first guess may not be right. Mine wasn't! Any ways they did find the little girl so that was a very happy ending. OH! yeah the surprise party guess what it wasn't ruined so that was the good thing.


Dear reader
  I have recently just finished this book called "stink and the incredible super galactic  jawbreaker."Stink Moody buys a huge jawbreaker at the candy store and sucks on it until his tongue is as blue. When the jawbreaker doesn't break his jaw, he writes a letter of complaint to the candy company from some weird reason. Stink is so excited that he begins a letter-writing campaign to see if he can get more free stuff from stores. Know stink doesn't know why Webster his best friend is mad at him at school and has not talk to him. It takes Stink a while to figure out why Webster is so angry. Could it have something to do with the crumpled envelope he finds? Than stink know why  is because he did not go to his birthday party when he always does. So then he gets lots of jaw breaker for him. That is because the company responds by sending Stink a box of 21,280 jawbreakers. Delighted with this result, Stink decides to try writing letters to some other companies that have not, in his opinion, lived up to the promises that they made in their advertisements. As a result, he receives a box of microbots, a box of assorted candy, and even a free pass to the zoo. So he decides to share with Webster and makes a great plan with his dad.